Sayari Graph Product Documentation

Data Structure, Coverage, and API Access

# Introduction

This site contains product reference documentation for prospective Sayari Graph users about our data structure, coverage, and API access. For more information about our data solutions, please visit

# Coverage

Please see our coverage page for information about the data we currently collect in each country. Our data coverage is always expanding, and we welcome data source suggestions from our users.


For interested parties, we offer a walk-through of our API describing a typical use case, as well as a reference page with an overview of the API’s calls, arguments, etc.

# Ontology

Our ontology describes how we categorize the objects that live in our database. We divide them into entities, relationships, and attributes:

  • Entities are usually people or companies. An explanation of our entity resolution process can be found here.
  • Relationships are connections between entities.
  • Attributes are facts that provide information about an entity or relationship.

# Data Model

Please see here for an overview of our data model.

# Bulk Data

Please see here for an overview of bulk data exports.