# Attributes

# Weak Identifier

    A non-unique ID number, like a partially redacted tax ID or a registry identifier whose value and type may be shared by multiple entities

  • value string

# Position

    An attribute used for many different relationship types that allows for the inclusion of a title or designation (e.g. member_of_the_board_of, Position: 'Secretary of the Board,' or shareholder_of, Position: 'Minority shareholder')

  • value string

# Company Type

    A type of legal entity in a given jurisdiction (e.g. 'LLC,' 'Sociedad Anonima,' 'Private Company Limited by Shares')

  • value string

# Country

    An affiliation of an entity with a given country through residence, nationality, etc.

  • state null | string

# Date Of Birth

    Birth date of a person

  • value string

# Name

    An entity's name. The value may be straightforward (e.g. 'Acme LLC,' 'John Doe') or context-specific (e.g. 'Jones v. Smith' as a legal matter name).

  • value string

# Additional Information

    A generic attribute used to hold miscellaneous information not covered by any other attribute. Includes 'value' (for the attribute itself), 'type' (a name, e.g. 'Real property description,') and 'extra' (a miscellaneous field to hold any other details) fields.

  • value null | string
  • type null | string

# Gender

    A person's gender

# Translated Name

    A name that has been translated to English

  • value string
  • original null | string

# Address

    A physical location description. Addresses may exist as a simple string ('123 South Main St., South Bend, IN 46556'), or may be in smaller chunks with separate fields ('Number: 123,' 'Street name: South Main...'). Where possible, these fields will be parsed using the Libpostal ontology (https://github.com/openvenues/libpostal#parser-labels), which facilitates more robust address analysis and comparison.

  • value string
  • house null | string
  • house_number null | string
  • po_box null | string
  • building null | string
  • entrance null | string
  • staircase null | string
  • level null | string
  • unit null | string
  • road null | string
  • metro_station null | string
  • suburb null | string
  • city_district null | string
  • city null | string
  • state_district null | string
  • island null | string
  • state null | string
  • postcode null | string
  • country_region null | string
  • country null | string
  • world_region null | string
  • category null | string
  • near null | string
  • x null | double
  • y null | double
  • precision_code null | string

# Identifier

    An ID number that uniquely identifies one entity when value and type are taken into account.

  • value string

# Finances

    A financial figure, typically share capital

  • value double
  • type null | string

# Shares

    Shares associated with an entity (e.g. its number of issued shares, or the number of shares held by a shareholder)

  • num_shares null | double
  • monetary_value null | double
  • percentage null | double
  • type null | string

# Status

    The status of an entity.

  • text null | string

# Business Purpose

    Text and/or a code (NAICS, NACE, ISIC, etc.) that describes what a company is legally allowed to do or produce

  • value null | string
  • code null | string

# Contact

    Contact information for an entity

  • value string