# Overview

The data Sayari collects includes references to entities (e.g., persons, companies, etc.) from around the globe. These entity references may refer to the same real-world entity across different documents and/or jurisdictions. Entity resolution aggregates entity references that refer to the same real-world entity.

Entity references are extracted with different information dependent on the richness of the collected data; different jurisdictions collect and publish different attributes (e.g., corporate identifiers, contact information, etc.). To account for differing levels of detail, a variety of entity resolution rules, developed jointly by Sayari Data Engineers and Analysts, determine how to aggregate entity references. Moreover, to capture and convey different levels of confidence, Sayari implements two stages of entity resolution: identity resolution and possibly same as (PSA) resolution.

First, identity resolution aggregates entity references into entities. In other words, identity resolution collects entity references that confidently refer to the same real-world entity. Second, PSA resolution collects entities into groups that likely refer to the same real-world entity.